baby-in-hand-wallpaperThe fate of children who were left by their mothers upon birth deserve special attention. Specialists for the physical and psychological development of children – and any attentive parent – perfectly well know that the greatest speed of development happens at the youngest age. The new things they learn are not counted in months, but rather weeks and days. The brain of a child, while receiving a huge amount of information,intensively grows the number of neurologic outgrowths and because of this at three-four months the mass of information is doubled and at a year – tripled. After a year and a half the growth of the brain mass is no longer so noticeable. Often the complex structure of the brain is the physiological basis for further intellectual, emotional and behavioral development of the child. The emotions of a child, which have been extensively studied in the last two or three decades, turned out to be very important to provide for the physical and psychological health of the child and also for the functionality of the whole emotional sphere of the person throughout his life. Specifically in this first year of life, special psychological formation is formed – that is: a deep emotional bond, love to a closely related adult –that fills his life with joy and meaning and is the motor of his development. Children who are left as nobody’s, also must spend their first several months of life in a hospital room – without movement, walks, happenings, toys, fellowship, warm touches – not only are extremely hindered in development by their “family peers”.
They are in deep depression along with the lowering of vital functions and level of physical health. In the conditions of almost sterile hospital cleanliness, the level of susceptibility to infections and disease always was and will be very high. (Svetlana Trushkina) Having read this article, every dad and mom understands that for a child to fully develop, he needs to “find out the world”: touch, smell, feel, pet and so on. When a child is rejected, what is he condemned to? When his whole world is penned up inside his little bed that he lives in? The word “care” has long since lost its meaning and maybe some cannot understand why we do what we do. But we, working in the world of orphans and orphanages, definitely know that by caring for orphans in the hospitals, we give them their only chance of having a family in the future, since they will not be left behind in their development.
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