If we want to speak of dreams, in the Lord we always want to dream big! After all, in order to get the Minsk Oblast status, we had to care about children beyond our city Dzershinsk. Inasmuch as before the registration of the Public Organization “True Charity”, orphan visitation in hospitals and providing aid was only a small ministry by a few people – now, with God’s help, it has grown in two years into a ministry involving 110 people.

Of course, we dream of working in every city of the Republic; we desire and pray about the ability to get houses for families that adopt no less than five children. We want to develop distinct training for potential adoptive parents, and also to provide consultation and support for the children who have been adopted – but because of health problems are having difficulties. Our vision is to not only have volunteers in the hospitals, but also salaried workers (paid by us), who could look after children without interruption as a full working day – not just two or three hours, during their free time. Also, as we pray before God and as we see the situation – not just through hearsay – we want to help and encourage the receiving families, since even Christian families take children as foster parents and not as adoptive parents – because only foster parents receive salary from the government for taking care of them. Because of fear of the financial crisis, many people are afraid to take full responsibility for a child.

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